Dec 10, 2008

ezzo + blackpaper = bungalow

Di sini ada sedikit update 3d aku yg terbaru...mcm gelap la pulak aku tgk(apa komen korg?)...Terima kasih kepada blackpaper di atas kesudian bekerjasama menjayakan job yg x seberapa ni...huhuhu

Dec 4, 2008

Residential 08

New freelance job, quite a lot view need to do. For now just doing with one of my friend, blackpaper..searching more friend nak tolak job...7 views are still waiting...

Nov 23, 2008

New environment..a lil bit blur

Black n White n Blur
Just move to new office past 3 week ago...the environment is good, but me a lil bit blur...demm
new office, new issue and the politic is always there~

Oct 17, 2008

wake up again!

this the latest 3d i've made sience a month ago (rehat di bulan ramadhan). before it's to late, i want to take this opoturnity to wish happy eid mubarak for all muslim.

Aug 23, 2008


why customer is always right? the answer is....
because they gave us money...hehehe

Aug 11, 2008

Buying time!

kenapa? bila kita nak keja tu cepat siap alih2 makin lambat pulak jadinya....oleh itu, buatlah keja lambat2 agar cepat siap...hahaha,lu pikir la sendiri~

Aug 10, 2008


an office project. hmm, safe to upload because the layout already changed. now 3d division at my office are running by me alone without my 3d mate. take a lot of time in making 3d alone plus i must done it with my super slow pc (for 3d spec) at my desk.

Aug 1, 2008

vray sun & vray cam

nothing much to do at office today, so i decided to explore vray sun & vray cam (xnak ketinggalan dgn member2 lain yg da lama xplore) ...never try it before and this is the 1st time. i found it so cool...a bit difficult bcoz it need a lot of tweak here and there especially at vray cam. btw the result is nice....maybe i can use it in serious way next time...coming soon~

Jul 25, 2008

Time & Gold

time is gold, and because of time and gold make my sleep improperly lately...hahaha. hope can sleep early tonight.

Jul 23, 2008

bee zee~....bzttt~

sleep at 4am last night to finish work i just look like a zombie at office...wuu~ cannot wait until 5 o'clock, need to find 'port' to sleep for a while,hahaha...

Jul 16, 2008

photography influence

for now...i'm addicted to camera/photography...and without notice my 3d's also get some effect that i always use to re-touch my photo. as u all can see i like to burn the edges and add some sharpness into the process. here is the result..

feel free to visit my flickr page at :

Jul 1, 2008

My fav area!

Residential is my fav 3d job....the area is very typical with other previous job and easy to manage the lighting and ambiance. aku da serik buat club,ahahaha....but we still have to take the challenge (and money opportunity also,hehe)...sebab tu la yg akan buat kita naik setingkat lebih atas. again...


another collaboration with Mr. DS.
the ambiance is totally out,ahahaha.....bedal je la,aku x penah masuk club la...x tau ambiance dalam tu camna...huhuhuhuhu~

May 28, 2008

Preliminary 3d

Schemeatic process, holisticly elegant...
the idea is modern but now its look like retro..hehehe, damn.

May 22, 2008


New job on fast track.....
what,nak crit lagi? sempat ke ni?

May 16, 2008

Night view experiment

very difficult to create night scene in the 1st time but i'm quite satisfy with the result even though it looks a little bit funny with the environment color....but who care? all will be change after submit it to client,hehehe

May 15, 2008

Britney Spears

hehe, an old potait..dah lama aku lukis ni...lukis time bulan posa, kurang pahala puasa aku...ehehehe

1st 3d job

Residential Project
This is the 1st 3d job i've handle in my office, not many view i've done in this project coz i'm new in 3d division. working team of 4 very quite relaxing, hehehe. but now, two already gone to dubai and now only two person running so many 3d in this office. ahhh...exausting~


here is one of my latest (this year) 3d for the opening of this blog. for the info i'm a junior 3d visualizer in a interior design company at selangor so i hope with this blog i can share and gain my knowledge more about 3d / photography / graphic with otai2 out there.