Jul 25, 2008

Time & Gold

time is gold, and because of time and gold make my sleep improperly lately...hahaha. hope can sleep early tonight.

Jul 23, 2008

bee zee~....bzttt~

sleep at 4am last night to finish work above...now i just look like a zombie at office...wuu~ cannot wait until 5 o'clock, need to find 'port' to sleep for a while,hahaha...

Jul 16, 2008

photography influence

for now...i'm addicted to camera/photography...and without notice my 3d's also get some effect that i always use to re-touch my photo. as u all can see i like to burn the edges and add some sharpness into the process. here is the result..

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Jul 1, 2008

My fav area!

Residential is my fav 3d job....the area is very typical with other previous job and easy to manage the lighting and ambiance. aku da serik buat club,ahahaha....but we still have to take the challenge (and money opportunity also,hehe)...sebab tu la yg akan buat kita naik setingkat lebih atas. again...


another collaboration with Mr. DS.
the ambiance is totally out,ahahaha.....bedal je la,aku x penah masuk club la...x tau ambiance dalam tu camna...huhuhuhuhu~