Aug 23, 2008


why customer is always right? the answer is....
because they gave us money...hehehe

Aug 11, 2008

Buying time!

kenapa? bila kita nak keja tu cepat siap alih2 makin lambat pulak jadinya....oleh itu, buatlah keja lambat2 agar cepat siap...hahaha,lu pikir la sendiri~

Aug 10, 2008


an office project. hmm, safe to upload because the layout already changed. now 3d division at my office are running by me alone without my 3d mate. take a lot of time in making 3d alone plus i must done it with my super slow pc (for 3d spec) at my desk.

Aug 1, 2008

vray sun & vray cam

nothing much to do at office today, so i decided to explore vray sun & vray cam (xnak ketinggalan dgn member2 lain yg da lama xplore) ...never try it before and this is the 1st time. i found it so cool...a bit difficult bcoz it need a lot of tweak here and there especially at vray cam. btw the result is nice....maybe i can use it in serious way next time...coming soon~